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The pages below show steps and examples for basic features of the the TI-84, TI-86, and TI-89/92 graphing calculators. More calculator guides, tutorials, and video tutorials are linked from MathOL Support - Calculator Help.

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Part 1: The Basics of Arithmetic and Editing

  1. Using menus and basic editing
  2. Basic arithmetic features (neg, powers, sqrt, x-root, abs, FRAC, sci notn)
  3. Create a custom menu (TI 86 only)

Part 2: Intro to Graphing and Tables

  1. Introduction to graphing (GRAPH, WINDOW, TRACE, ZOOM, and more)
  2. Evaluating functions (VALUE or EVAL)
  3. Finding x-intercept points (ZERO or ROOT)
  4. Finding intersection points (INTERSECTION or ISECT)
  5. Finding extrema points (MAXIMUM/MINIMUM or FMAX/FMIN)
  6. Tables
  7. Graphing linear inequalities (shading the solution set)

Part 3: Algebra

  1. Solving equations (SOLVE and POLY)
  2. Solving linear systems (SIMULT)
  3. Working with complex numbers
  4. Exponential and logarithmic functions

Part 4: Combinatorics, Probability, Sequences, & Statistics

  1. Permutations, Combinations, & Probability
  2. Sequences and Series
  3. Statistics

Part 5: Matrices & Vectors

  1. Matrix algebra (including entering and storing a matrix)
  2. Echelon form (RREF)
  3. Inverse matrices
  4. Determinants
  5. Vector Products: dot and cross

Part 6: Trigonometry

  1. Degrees and DMS
  2. Evaluating trig and inverse trig functions
  3. Radians
  4. graph trig functions
  5. solve trig equations by graphing
  6. trig form of complex numbers

Part 7: Advanced Graphing

  1. Graphing non-functions
  2. parametric equations & graphs
  3. polar equations & graphs

Part 8: Calculus

  1. Evaluating limits
  2. Evaluating derivatives
  3. Evaluating integrals

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Copyright 2000 Sally J. Keely
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